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Corporate Culture
Equality Responsibility Unity Innovation
Equality is the basic principle that Biocytogen always upholds, which is not affected by gender, region, race, job, post and other factors.
It is our responsibility to grow our company healthily and develop innovative drugs for our patients. In the pursuit of development, our belief is to always uphold integrity and morality. The growth and development of employees is the responsibility of both the company and the individuals.
In the multidisciplinary field of new drug development, individual strength is not enough for us to achieve success, and only through the joint efforts of the team can we achieve victory. We need heroes, but we don't advocate individualistic heroism. The division of labor is to clarify responsibilities and thus cooperate better. Unity is achieved through excellent teamwork.
Innovation is the untiring force driving the success of Biocytogen. The purpose of innovation is to solve the problems of drug research & development, improve the speed and quality of drug and development, and bring benefits to human health.
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