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RenMice™ HiTS Platform
Large-scale antibody drug development for 1000+ targets
Project Integrum, also called RenMice™ HiTS Platform, is a significant initiative in the field of antibody drug development, aimed at identifying and targeting potential drug candidates using RenMice (comprising of RenMab, RenLite, and RenNano), which are knockout mice specifically designed for this purpose. As an open, collaborative project, it seeks to foster innovation by bringing together global partners to collectively develop novel drugs through the exploration and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and ideas.
About the RenMice™ HiTS Platform

Project Integrum

Developing innovative drugs based on the mechanism of action (MOA) and past experience is an extremely challenging task. The number of potential targets for antibody drug development has increased dramatically over the past decade, far outnumbering the targets that have been successfully developed thus far. As a result, existing clinical phase pipelines and commercialized drugs cover only a small fraction of these targets due to the low success rate of drug development, creating fierce competition among pharmaceutical companies.

Against this backdrop, Biocytogen has adopted a forward-thinking approach to drug development with its "Project Integrum", which began in March 2020 and represents a significant milestone in the company's large-scale development of antibody drugs. The project aims to systematically knockout thousands of potential target genes in fully human antibody mice (RenMice) over three to five years, and subsequently develop therapeutic antibody drugs based on these gene knockout mice.

To achieve this, the project identifies fully human antibodies with cross-reactivity against potentially druggable targets, which are then validated for efficacy in vivo in animals with diverse genetic backgrounds. This approach significantly improves the success rate of clinical translation and accelerates research and development. By pursuing this innovative strategy, Biocytogen is pioneering new frontiers in the development of effective antibody drugs.

Key points of the project

1.We have performed a complete knockout (non-lethal knockout) of over 1,000 target genes in RenMice.

2.We have prepared complete antibodies for over 1,000 targets using RenMice with target KO.

3.We have screened for antibodies with similar affinity to targets across multiple species by using multi-species antigen cross-immunization.

4.We have identified the most effective antibody using in vivo screening for drug efficacy in mice.

5.We have validated the targets and antibody molecules that are effective for mice in large animals with spontaneous diseases, using one to two antibody molecules per target.

6.We plan to submit an antibody IND application for candidate antibody drugs that have been found to be effective in large animals.

Project progress

"Project Integrum" targets a range of diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, tumors, autoimmune diseases, and inflammation. Our team has already prepared RenMice with over 1,000 target genes knocked out for this project. We currently have over 600+ targets in the antibody hits stage, and have obtained PCC molecules for 20+ targets. Our goal is to develop drugs for more than 1,000 potential targets over the next three to five years, positioning Biocytogen as a leading source of innovative new drugs, in collaboration with partners from around the world.

Our five antibody technology platforms, derived from RenMice, and the large number of antibody molecules produced in "Project Integrum", will enable us and our partners to explore other drug forms, such as bispecific antibodies, bispecific ADCs, oncolytic viruses, cell therapy, and gene therapy.

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Collaboration models and disclosed partners:

“Project Integrum” is an open and collaborative project that aims to develop new drugs through innovative technologies and ideas in flexible cooperation models. We work closely with our partners to drive drug development and foster innovation. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we believe that we can accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs to benefit patients around the world.

Under “Project Integrum”, we have established 34 cooperative drug development agreements with 21 domestic and international partners, including companies such as Merck and RemeGen. These partnerships are a testament to our commitment to innovation and collaboration in drug development. We are excited to work with these partners to advance our pipeline and bring new treatments to patients around the world.

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