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At Biocytogen, our mission is to advance technological innovation, create new drugs, and improve human health. To achieve this, we rely on a team of dedicated professionals who approach their work with perseverance and drive. As our research and development initiatives for new drugs continue to progress at an accelerated pace, we are actively seeking exceptional scientists and researchers to join us in our mission.
Business Development&Licensing Sr.Manager/Associate Director/Director
New Drug R & D Manager
Senior SD
In Vitro Efficacy Research Scientist
Gene Editing Research Scientist
Macromolecular Drug Development Scientist
Head of Project Protocol
Animal Model Development Researcher
Antibody Discovery Researcher
Researcher/Lab Technician in Physicochemical Properties of Proteinv
Antibody Characterization Analysis Researcher
Protein Engineering Researcher
Researcher and Lab Technician in Protein Expression and Purification
In Vitro Cell Function Analysis Researcher
Experimental Animal Researcher
Lab Technician in In Vivo Efficacy
Lab Technician in Cell Biology
Lab Technician in Molecular Biology
Researcher/Lab Technician in Pathology
Preclinical Pharmacology Department
Gene Editing Department
Antibody Development Department
Biocytogen Beijing
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