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RenLite:fully human bispecific antibody (BsAb) platform

RenLite mice have full human antibody heavy chain variable regions and a common light chain human variable region for the discovery of fully human bispecific antibodies.

  • RenLite mouse was generated by size unlimited chromosome engineering technology SUPCE.


  • RenLite mouse has diversified heavy chain repertoire similar to that of humans
  • RenLite-derived common light chain antibodies are easy to assemble into BsAb with low mismatch rate and ideal physiochemical properties.

  • RenLite mice can generate robust immune response comparable to wild type mice.
  • RenLite-derived antibodies have high binding affinity at sub-nanomolar range.


Advancing Bispecific Antibody Discovery using a Common Light Chain Immunoglobulin Humanized Mouse