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Advantage integration, continuous innovation
Bispecific Antibody Platform
Optimize the integration of Biocytogen’s fast and efficient target discovery and antibody development platforms, RenLite common light-chain mouse platform and the bispecific antibody assembly platform with independent intellectual property rights, an...
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Bispecific ADC Platform
Biocytogen has developed a streamlined BsAb ADC discovery platform, using RenLite Mice, which generates fully human antibodies carrying a common light chain, and Project Integrum to discover more antibodies with more epitope and sequence diversities...
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TCR-Mimic Antibody Platform
MHC-antigen-peptide (MAP) targets: TCR-like antibody technology platform.
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GPCR Technology Platform
GPCR antibody discovery and screening supported by GPCR knockout RenMab mice and humanized mice.
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Step 1
Antibody Discovery
Fully human antibody discovery...
Based on our proprietary fully human antibody mice RenMice (RenMab、RenLite、RenNano), we have trained...
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Step 2
Preclinical Research
Preclinical Pharmacology Evalu...
The preclinical pharmacology evaluation team of Biocytogen is composed of multi-field scientists wit...
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Step 3
Translational Medicine
Translational Medicine for Lar...
Compared with tumor induction models such as mice, spontaneous tumors in large animals (especially d...
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Step 4
Clinical Development
Clinical Drug Development
Eucure clinical development team is experience in developing drugs domestically and globally. The te...
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