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Meet Biocytogen’s APAC Business Development Team at 70th JALAS 2023!

Biocytogen’s Asia-Pacific business development team is pleased to exhibit at the 70th Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science (JALAS) annual meeting from May 24-26, 2023 in Tsukuba, Japan! Join us at Booth D-3 to learn more about how BioMice models and services, our fully human antibody discovery platforms and antibody assets can help you develop antibody-based therapeutics!

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BioMice is Biocytogen’s sub-brand that provides preclinical contract research services and products, including custom and off-the-shelf animal and cell models and preclinical pharmacology evaluation services, including in vivo/ex vivo efficacy, MOA, PK/PD, pilot toxicity studies and in vitro cell-based assays for antibody-related drug MOA/efficacy/safety evaluation.

Specifically, BioMice has genetically engineered 800+ animal and cell models to support drug discovery and research, including 530+ target humanized mice and 100+ target humanized cell lines for in vivo efficacy and safety evaluation of anti-human antibodies. 

In addition, BioMice offers 770+ strains of KO mice for target validation and 30+ immunodeficient mouse/rat models for CDX, PDX studies. For example, the B-NDG B2M KO plus model shows a reduced GvHD response after PBMC reconstitution, and thus can significantly prolong the experimental window; B-NDG hIL15 mice can promote human NK cell differentiation and can be used for NK cell-based therapeutic efficacy studies. 

If you want to generate a new gene-edited model, BioMice offers a gene editing platform (ESC/HR, CRISPR based EGE) for KI, KO, cKI, CKO mouse/rat model generation.

9 out of the Top 10 global MNCs and 7 out of the Top 10 Japanese pharmaceutical companies use BioMice models and/or CRO services. For a full list of BioMice products/publications, and CRO services, visit

Using Biocytogen’s proprietary fully human antibody RenMice, Biocytogen has built 6 antibody discovery platforms: monoclonal antibody (RenMabTM), bispecific antibody and bispecific ADC (RenLite®), nanobody (RenNano®), TCR-mimic antibody for intracellular targets (HLA/RenMice, i.e., MHC humanized RenMice), and our RenMice HiTS (hyperimmune target specific) antibody platform designed for GPCR and other challenging targets.

With our streamlined antibody development capability, Biocytogen launched Project Integrum, an initiative to develop therapeutic antibodies for more than 1000+ targets. Since the initiation of Project Integrum, the company has generated 6 clinical stage assets and numerous preclinical stage assets (10+ fully human bispecific antibodies, 20+ bispecific antibody-drug conjugates, 10+ TCR-mimic antibodies, 80+ monoclonal antibodies, and 600+ antibody hits).

Whether you’re interested in our BioMice models, antibody discovery platforms, or our therapeutic antibody assets, we look forward to exploring collaboration opportunities with you at the event!

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About Biocytogen

Biocytogen (HKEX: 02315) is a global biotechnology company that drives the research and development of novel antibody-based drugs with innovative technologies. Using its proprietary RenMabTM/RenLite®/RenNano® mice platforms for fully human monoclonal, bispecific/multispecific antibody and nanobody development, Biocytogen has integrated its in vivo drug efficacy screening platforms and strong clinical development expertise to streamline the entire drug development process. Biocytogen is undertaking a large-scale project to develop first-in-class and/or best-in-class antibody drugs for more than 1000 targets, known as Project Integrum (RenMiceTM HiTS Platform). As of December 31, 2022, 34 therapeutic antibody development/out-licensing/transfer agreements and 17 RenMiceTM licensing agreements have been established worldwide, including several partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs). Biocytogen's pipeline is comprised of 11 core assets, with partnerships established for 4 out of 6 total clinical assets. Headquartered in Beijing, Biocytogen has branches in Haimen Jiangsu, Shanghai, Boston, USA and Heidelberg, Germany. For more information, please visit