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TCR-Mimic Antibody Platform

Immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment in recent years, and antibody-based therapies have been a key contributor to this breakthrough. While traditional antibody therapies have focused on targeting cell membrane surface antigens (PD-1 and PD-L1, etc) or soluble antigens, the ideal tumor antigens are often intracellular, (RAS, P53, WT1, etc) which has been a limitation of antibody therapy. Additionally, T cell receptor (TCR) therapy, which activates T cells to target tumor cells, has been hindered by the low affinity of TCR for the corresponding antigen, leading to immune escape of tumor cells.

TCR-like antibody technology represents an innovative approach to overcome these challenges. By using antibodies to replace TCR, it is possible to screen for high-affinity and high-specificity antibodies that can effectively target intracellular antigens. This technology platform holds immense potential for developing novel and effective cancer therapies targeting intracellular antigens.

Advantages of TCR-mimic Antibody Platform

1. Biocytogen's unique HLA/RenMab mice combined with a high-throughput antibody screening platform enable a one-step process to obtain fully human antibodies that recognize MAP (MHC-antigen-peptide), with higher affinity and specificity than TCRs.

2. In situ large-fragment replacement and modification in RenMab and RenLite mice ensure the diversity of antibody sequences.

3. The antibody development cycle is significantly shortened with high-throughput antibody discovery and sequence analysis on Beacon.

4. Fully antibody sequences obtained by TCR-like antibody technology platform provide more candidates for subsequent antibody-related drugs, CAR-T, TCR-T, and other fields. 

This platform offers more intracellular targets for clearance of specific abnormal cells such as tumor cells, infected cells, and senescent cells. Moreover, TCR-mimic blocking antibodies can be screened for specific cells attacked by autoimmune diseases.

TCR-mimic Antibodies Under Development


AACR 2022: Generation of TCR-mimic fully human antibodies against HLA-antigen-peptide complexes using HLA transgenic RenMice

AACR 2023: Targeting Intracellular Tumor Antigens Using Fully Human TCR Mimic Antibodies Derived From HLA Transgenic RenMice

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